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Few attorneys understand crop insurance. Fewer still have the necessary background or experience to successfully represent you in a crop insurance dispute. Because it is federally subsidized, crop insurance is distinctly different from other types of insurance. Disputes often involve administrative actions by USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA). They can also result from compliance determinations by the Farm Service Agency (FSA). At the very minimum, crop insurance arbitration and litigation will involve a host of federal regulations that are inapplicable to other types of insurance and completely foreign to most attorneys.

As a practicing attorney, I have been involved in crop insurance disputes throughout the country. I have an enviable record at arbitration in diverse jurisdictions and routinely function as a consultant to local counsels in crop insurance related litigation. I know how, when and where to challenge an agency or reinsured company action or determination. Crop insurance constitutes a significant portion of my practice. I am confident that you cannot find a plaintiff's attorney who understands crop insurance better than I do or who has a better chance of prevailing against RMA or any signatories to the FCIC's Standard Reinsurance Agreement.

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